PACS1 Smiles

A global foundation supporting education, research and families.

The parents of PACS1 children are in the process of creating a non-profit:  PACS1 Smiles.  We have created a You Caring drive to raise funds needed to make our non-profit successful. With our strategic plan in place, we have budgeted $15,000 for the start-up costs. All excess funds will be used as seed money to carry on the research, programs and advocacy.

The PACS1 Smiles mission will be “to serve as a collaborative center of education, support and research for children and their families living with PACS1.

We have created a strategic plan, with our vision of creating ” a world in which all children with PACS1 Syndrome reach their full potential.” The parents of PACS1 children understand who important research, therapies, education and support are to their children’s success.